Music Resume
Unless otherwise noted, the images below link directly to my mp3 files. Click on them to stream the audio samples.

I composed these flash animation soundtracks for Work of Art Studio. Click on the WOA Studio logo to view the two quicktime movies. (These clips may take a couple of minutes to load.)

FX Palo Alto Laboratory commissioned me to create this 30-second loop for an interactive multi-media project. They wanted a "myst-like" theme to accompany their project's serene oceanic background. (1.3 MB)

I composed this soundtrack to "Coupled", a sepia-tone silent film directed by Kate Freund. This comedic love story mixes old-fashioned metaphors with modern props and takes place in a public park. Here is an excerpt that accompanies the couple at the end of the film as they walk away hand-in-hand. (942 KB)

This symphonic piece uses varied instrumentation
and rhythmic motifs to transition between two contrasting moods. (2.6 MB)

I composed this marching band theme as an intro to a Work of Art Studio project. (244 KB)

When I wrote this theme, I was thinking of upbeat saturday morning cartoons. (1.2 MB)
I composed this theme music for Work Of Art Studio's whimsical animated mouse, World Wide Webster. To view the animation visit the WOA studio World Wide Webster page. (519 KB)
I wrote this music to accompany the mythical creatures of fairyland. (1.2 MB)